SciTech Now episode 337

In this episode of SciTech Now, new clues about the lost colony on Roanoke Island; the potential to restore vision to the blind; what our devices reveal about us; and a shared work space for artists and scientists.

SciTech Now Episode 335

In this episode of SciTech Now, the Cahokia State Historic Site in Illinois is using new technology to unearth an ancient city; a team at Carnegie Mellon University is creating the next generation of wearable electronics; a look into a mighty marine microbe; and the white-nose syndrome that’s hitting west coast bats.

Unearthing an ancient city with modern technology

Archaeologists are using modern technology to probe a historic city. St. Louis reporter Jim Kirchherr takes us to Cahokia State Historic site in Illinois, where recent excavations have revealed secrets about ancient civilizations.

Minecraft in the classroom

Thousands of schools across the country are using the video game Minecraft to engage students of all ages on topics ranging from career readiness to archaeology.

SciTech Now Episode 234

In this episode of SciTech Now, archaeology students in North Carolina are using ground-penetrating radar in an attempt to solve a Revolutionary War mystery; the prevalence and dangers of counterfeit microchips; as more universities offer gaming science degrees, some students can now see a future in video game design; and inside the extreme sport of […]

What lies beneath the Great Lakes?

A team of researchers in Michigan has discovered a site older than the pyramids. But it’s not buried beneath the earth. It’s submerged in a hundred feet of water.

SciTech Now Episode 208

In this episode of SciTech Now, archaeology moves underwater as researchers discover clues from the past; planetary physicist Phil Metzger on the New Horizons flyby over Pluto; one southern California couple is going to extreme measures to revolutionize the physical therapy industry; and PBS Secrets of the Dead has the extraordinary story of a young […]