New Ways to Kill Superbugs

Microbiologists are on the search for drugs to kill bacteria and after many experiments a super drug has been developed to do what antibiotics cannot.  

Outsmarting antibiotic resistance

Since their introduction, antibiotics have been considered wonder drugs in the fight against germs. But with their overuse, germs have begun to fight back. Now, a Rutgers University microbiologist is working on a possible solution.

SciTech Now Episode 219

In this episode, we explore the usage and benefits of wearable technology; architect Jeffrey Pelletier takes us inside his Lego room and reveals some real world applications of the toy; a global initiative to create marine sanctuaries offers hope for oceans; and new drugs may be able to outsmart germs resistant to antibiotics.

SciTech Now Episode 202

In this episode of SciTech Now, scientists at the University of South Florida use a new method for tracking fish populations; Dr. Martin Blaser on the pitfalls of antibiotics, from allergies to obesity; John Howell of the Univesity of Rochester on the science behind invisibility; and a New Jersey water treatment plant is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by turning waste into energy.

Dr. Martin Blaser on the pitfalls of antibiotics

Antibiotics, once considered wonder drugs, may be behind some of today’s ailments, from allergies to obesity. Dr. Martin Blaser, author of Missing Microbes and professor of medicine and microbiology at New York University, discusses the future of antibiotic use.