American chestnut tree

Saving The American Chestnut

Chestnut trees are in danger due to an Exotic Fungus that entered this country over 100 years ago. With 4 billion trees being wiped out from this invasive fungus, Researchers are now using technology to keep this tree species alive.

Saving the American chestnut tree

The American chestnut tree was once a staple of U.S. landscapes, numbering over a billion. But by the 1950s, a fungus eliminated many of the species. Now, after 35 years of research, Professor William Powell has developed a blight-resistant American chestnut tree to restore the population.

SciTech Now Episode 405

In this episode of SciTech Now, a look into the scientific side effects of Superstorm Sandy; the development of a blight-resistant American chestnut tree; meet researchers in Tampa, Florida who are using mathematical modeling to help fight drug-resistant cancers; and a biologist studying seahorse pregnancy.