What Lies Beneath?

Rainwater containing pollutants, waste and motor oil are flowing into ponds across the country. As a result, thick algae grows at the bottom of these ponds creating environmental issues. In this segment, we visit some Researchers in North Carolina who are searching for a solution to this common problem.

Algae threatening Florida waterways

More than 600 manatees migrate to Florida’s Crystal River every winter, but over the last few decades unwanted algae has invaded this idyllic waterway. If left unchecked, the invasive species could threaten this beloved sea creature’s essential safe haven.

SciTech Now Episode 227

We explore farming on an urban rooftop; Peter deMenocal, director of Columbia University’s Center for Climate and Life, explains the climate innovation gap; unwanted algae is threatening Florida waterways; and a robotic surgical system makes precise surgery faster and easier.

SciTech Now Episode 210

In this episode of SciTech Now, scientists use algae to trace the origins of sex; the decommissioned space shuttle Atlantis has a new home in Orlando, Florida; the company deCervo explores the neuroscience involved in athletics; and mobile security research that tries to protect us from hackers.

The origins of sex traced back through algae

Algae is one of the most diverse, adaptable and ubiquitous life forms on the planet. More than just pond scum, it’s a source of food and increasingly fuel. And at one algae farm, researchers are employing these tiny green plants to trace the origins of sex.

Abalone on the Edge

Even the smallest creatures can have a big impact on their surroundings. Abalone are sea snails that graze on algae and seaweed, keeping the ecosystem in balance. But, prized for their shells and as a seafood delicacy, overfishing and poaching have left them on the edge of extinction. The Earthfix environmental news team brings us this report from Washington state’s Puget Sound.