Creating Hurricanes with the flip of a switch

The powerful storm surge created by hurricanes often causes destruction. In an effort to improve intensity forecasting, ocean sciences professor, Brian Haus, of the University of Miami Rosenstiel school of marine and atmospheric science is studying the complex interactions between the air and the surface of the sea in extreme conditions.

SciTech Now Episode 516

In this episode of SciTech Now, studying the complex interactions between the air and the sea; the electric vehicle charger; and saving the American Chestnut.

Hard Cider

Yeast, air, carbon dioxide. All different chemical components in the process of hard apple cider making. In this segment, we take a behind the scenes look at how the Nine Pin Cidery in Albany, New York uses chemistry to brew cider.

Plants in the classroom

A plant nursery and non-profit organization is cleaning the air in Volusia County classrooms. The Orange City brothers have donated indoor air purifying plants to schools, along with lessons on plant care, to help improve air quality.