Tech Friendships

Loneliness can have real consequences for older people in terms of happiness and health. In New York, one organization is taking the senior center online—creating a platform for socialization from the comfort of home.

SciTech Now Episode 322

In this episode of SciTech Now, how turf grass is impacting sports; an app and sensor that collects and graphs temperature data for tenants; a British researcher challenges how we look at aging; and innovative technology for people with disabilities.

A British researcher challenges how we look at aging

A British researcher is challenging how we look at death and aging. Researcher Aubrey de Grey argues that aging is a curable disease if scientists approach it as an engineering challenge. Up next reporter Andrea Vasquez talks to de Grey via Google hangout.

Care today: keeping a remote eye on patients

In the age of the Fitbit, perhaps it comes as little surprise that health professionals are now turning to wearable tech to better monitor their patients’ health. Through an electronic system called Telehealth, unnecessary trips to the hospital can be avoided by allowing medical professionals keep a close eye on a patient’s health remotely.

How old are you really?

Today’s blog post begins with a confession of sorts: as someone belonging to the millennial generation, I am perhaps unusually preoccupied with age.  And if we’re searching for some underlying explanation, it probably makes the most sense to take a look back at my parents.  For starters, my mom is nearly 3 decades younger than my dad, […]