The battle to reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s

In conjunction with our segment on Alzheimer’s, SciTech Now turned to the scientific community to learn more about the latest advances in the fight against the neurodegenerative disease afflicting as many as 5.2 million Americans.  We spoke with Dr. Paige Cramer, who along with her team at Case Western Reserve University, made headlines in 2012 […]

Connecting with NYU’s Center of Cognitive Neurology

In addition to exploring alternative therapies for Alzheimer’s, New York University’s Center for Cognitive Neurology devotes its resources to a breadth of research and clinical innovation for neurological diseases and disorders. CCN’s website shares the latest information regarding current trials, clinical care, and neurological disease prevention.

Museum of Math

The Museum of Mathematics or MoMath, creates a space to explore mathematic theories and experience their applications. Their exhibits provide fun and interactive experiences for adults and children that foster a positive relationship with mathematics. Visit their website to find more information about upcoming shows and collaborative projects in which you can participate from anywhere […]

Is 3D Printing Ready for Mainstreaming?

3-D Printing, or additive manufacturing, may be a technological breakthrough but there are hurdles impacting its widespread use. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology reviews 3D Printing and captures trends that explain how much the technology has advanced and provides insight into the challenges ahead. Click here to read the review.

Space Taxi: To Infinity and Beyond

The next chapter in America’s history of human space flight has launched with NASA’s selection of two private companies that will ferry astronauts to the International Space Station starting in 2017.  This is considered the country’s next step toward its mission to one day send humans to Mars!  Read what NASA Administrator Charles Bolden had […]

Everybody’s Talking…About Apple

The much-anticipated announcement from Apple brought four new products and a music industry first. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are larger and thinner.  The iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5 inch screen is Apple’s nod to the growing phablet market. The long-awaited Apple Watch is described by CEO Tim Cook as a “breakthrough,” and […]

The List: What May Change Your World

Each year the MIT Technology Review identifies ten breakthroughs that will matter for years to come.  SciTech Now will bring you news about many on the 2014 Top Ten List in its upcoming programs.  Stay tuned!

Out of this World: Space Age Surgery

The same technologies used to develop robotic arms to build the International Space Station are now being used on Earth, helping doctors perform delicate surgeries on young patients.  KidsArm has an advanced imaging and control system that makes it extremely precise in pediatric surgery. And that’s just one of the medical applications of this space […]

Did you know? Google it!

Google, the world’s most widely used web-based search engine, made its first public offering ten years ago in August 2004, raising more than a billion dollars. In the past decade, the company has grown beyond its search engine business with innovations in mobile devices (Android), wearable technology (Google Glass, Google Fit), and even driver-less cars. […]