Testosterone: why it’s everyone’s realiTy

Are humans completely rational in their decision-making?  Research on testosterone suggests otherwise, and it’s not only men who are influenced by its fluctuations     I hate to break it to you, but if you are reading this and happen to be human, you’re subject to the vicissitudes of testosterone.  The fact that your thoughts […]

I might have a superpower

At the risk of showing my age as well as publicly humiliating myself, I must confess that when I think about talent and what distinguishes it from skill, Harry Potter and his seemingly inborn command of Quidditch are what first spring to mind.  To clarify for those of you who may have lived under a […]

Do we have a plan for asteroids heading towards Earth?

When the subject of planetary defense appears in the news, there’s the inevitable allusion to the box office hit Armageddon and some mention of the meteor that unexpectedly pierced through the skies over Chelyabinsk, Russia back in 2013.  It would seem as if these two examples are the only hooks with which to engage the […]

Volcanoes, the key to combating the climate crisis?

To be clear, I am no climate scientist and an environmentalist only in as much as I recycle my trash, donate any worn-out clothing, and walk the 3-mile commute to work.  But while my carbon footprint might be minimal in at least a few inconsequential respects, I am admittedly quite liberal with my AC usage, shameless […]

Dating today: love lives decided algorithmically

As I sat down to write this, I overheard two colleagues in the break room discussing the trials of modern dating. “How do people meet today?” asked one, almost rhetorically. With absolutely no hesitation, the other fired back what I — only a couple of cubicles over — had anticipated.  “Online.” Once heavily stigmatized as the […]

Dwarf Planet Makes Giant News

After a 9.5-year, 3-billion-mile journey through space, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft made a historic flyby visit to the dawrf planet Pluto. It passed within 7,750 miles of Pluto’s surface, which is roughly the distance between New York and Mumbia, India. It is the first-ever space mission to explore a world so far from Earth. Here’s […]

How old are you really?

Today’s blog post begins with a confession of sorts: as someone belonging to the millennial generation, I am perhaps unusually preoccupied with age.  And if we’re searching for some underlying explanation, it probably makes the most sense to take a look back at my parents.  For starters, my mom is nearly 3 decades younger than my dad, […]

What if museums decided to only exhibit reproductions?

We’re often led to believe that the arts have no place in the world of math and science and vice versa — an unfortunate and obviously absurd notion that many scientists, mathematicians, and artists would dismiss out of hand.  Perhaps slightly guilty of this view myself, I sometimes struggle to find concrete examples in which […]

SciTech Now host visits Seattle

On June 3, KCTS Television in Seattle had an exciting opportunity to host an evening Tech Talk with Hari Sreenivasan in the high-tech South Lake Union neighborhood.  More than 50 tech-savvy friends and supporters of the station were delighted to have a chance to chat with the SciTech Now host. Throughout the evening, he shared […]

Finding the secret to happiness on our smartphones?

When so much of what we want and need can be procured on our computers, tablets and smartphones, perhaps it comes as little surprise that we’re entering an age of happiness apps.  And no, I’m not referring to Seamless, the food delivery app, or Tinder, arguably its equal in the realm of online dating.  Sharing […]