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We’re back, serving up another list of good reads for your weekend reading pleasure.  


Image courtesy of Challis Popkey

Our liquid fingerprints: Micrograph photos reveal the unique beauty of tears | Quartz

From chopping onions to feeling genuine sadness, every tear that you produce is different.  Artist Maurice Mikkers is studying the microscopic beauty and complexity of our tears.

Insanely complex machine makes music with 2,000 marbles | Wired

Made up of 2,000 marbles and many, many gears, the Marble Machine is a Rube Goldberg come to life.

Connecting the Dots on Climate Change | Science Friday

Take a second for a closer look.  Hiding in the fine lines of Jill Pelto’s watercolor landscapes are subtle graphs that convey startling information about the earth’s changing climate.

This is what a CT scan of a bumblebee’s brain looks like | Motherboard

A bumblebee’s brain is 0.0002% the size of a human brain, making it nearly impossible to study…until now.

Unappetizing experiment explores tools’ role in humans’ bigger brains | The New York Times

Was it the advent of cooking that led to the development of our species’ larger brains?  Or do stone tools deserve more of the credit?