Is there such a thing as introversion?

So, you’ve been called an introvert.  Is there a scientific basis for personality type? When did I first consider myself an introvert?  Probably about year ago when one perceptive online suitor forwarded me The Atlantic article “Caring for Your Introvert.”  Upon reading it, I remember experiencing what I imagine must be akin to love at first […]

Testosterone: why it’s everyone’s realiTy

Are humans completely rational in their decision-making?  Research on testosterone suggests otherwise, and it’s not only men who are influenced by its fluctuations     I hate to break it to you, but if you are reading this and happen to be human, you’re subject to the vicissitudes of testosterone.  The fact that your thoughts […]

I might have a superpower

At the risk of showing my age as well as publicly humiliating myself, I must confess that when I think about talent and what distinguishes it from skill, Harry Potter and his seemingly inborn command of Quidditch are what first spring to mind.  To clarify for those of you who may have lived under a […]